Saturday, October 25, 2008

8. The Angel

It was raining, but not strong enough to hurt their skin. They walked in the rain in full moon light. They felt the wet leaves, with finger tip and touched the water drops.
Smelt the flowers as if they see it for the first time. Some flowers blossom only at night. They must be expecting someone who comes only in night, to give them Moksha..

There were weeds around; Many with thorns. It made bleeding scratches on his feet. He did not bother to look it. The night became saturated with black. There were a light beam on the far end .She led him to that light.
He just followed her like a kid.
He was charmed.
Then they reached a point where their way ends.
She stopped walking and looked at his face.
He thought how beautiful she was in the moonlight.

She came near him and kissed in his palm.
Then she kissed on his forehead.
Then she kissed on his eyes.
Then she kissed on his lips.

He felt as the time is frozen around them.
The rain has stopped after long time.
His knees became weaker and weaker.
At last he fell on the wet grass.

She just walked away with his soul.
She was an angel, an angel of death.

:: Pasted from my Novel "S-he" published at :

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