Saturday, October 25, 2008

3. Before My Birth

I was dead before my birth.

I don’t know how?

I am asleep when the rest is awake.

Most of the time in half sleep;

I don’t understand why?

Like that childhood dream

Where only you can’t escape from the monster

Because your knees are too weak to run.

The world walks beside me

I hear the footsteps all the time.

This is a constant disturbance.

I don’t belong to you.

You don’t belong to me.

My day starts at night.

My life starts with some dreams.

And it ends with another dream.


Ultra-Cool Blooded,






Infra- temperamental;

A fleshy vegetable thing.

“Abnormally Normal Or Normally Abnormal...Never in the middle!”

I must be a mistake.

Everybody is fine with me.

No, Exception. Everybody IS.

If Absence of problem is a problem,

That must be my problem.

Which is strange?

That is not normal.

That scares me.

Black is not the color of Death.

White is not the color of Birth.

But the color of Life is Gray.

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