Saturday, October 25, 2008

7. The Rain

It is getting cloudy

It was like this for a long time

Why the rain has not started yet?

Hmm, yes, it is real damn cloudy.

Sounds like words has lost its charm

Looks like world has lost its beauty.

Can it be darker than this?

Moonlight has lost the glow,

There is only wind. But not breeze.

Is there something called black light?

Or something like a white hole instead of black hole?

Can we just get vaporized in to thin air?

Why? Don’t you want people look at you?

I feel like naked when the crowds look at me.

I don’t want to impress anyone.

But I don’t mind if someone gets impressed also.

Hei, wait a minute.

Have you ever tried to stare at blue sky?

Hmm, a lot.

If you care enough you can see colorless bubbles coming down to earth.

Thousands of bubbles. The funny thing is that neither it will burst nor you can touch.

Interesting!. What must be that?

Who knows? But I used to see them.

Everybody sees everything. And knows everything.

But pretend as if they don’t know anything. And try to hide all from all.

Enough man!.

Never mind, it is raining now. Let us go.

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Anonymous said...

i liked the way you said it..