Tuesday, November 4, 2008

16. Me, Not Alone

When their silence last for too long,

Never mind, it is good.

It helps you to remind that -

No one, no body

No human soul belong to you

Other than yours.

Before you go to bed

It helps you to remind that -

You are all alone.

Lonely to the deepest depth.

Alone at the peak.

There is no one

Who really think about you.

Who really care about you.

Who really love you.

Love you without strings.

Before you get up from bed

It helps you to remind that -

Things are just going to be the same.

Exactly like the last day.

Your happiness.

Your sadness.

No one needs a share of that.

Claim everything

Before you loose the chance.

Nothing is going to last forever.

There is only a thin line between

Being different Beings like-

-Being strange

-Being unique

-Being different

-Being loner.

But most of the time-

Being any one of above-

Only hurts you.

The word -Close Friend- means something.

That is Nothing.

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1 comment:

Seema said...

it touches the heart!

it stops u for a moment to think who z there wid u other than ur own soul

nice work my friend!